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The MrsGerdz Story


The MrsGerdz story began just after my 27th birthday when after many years of suffering through the pain of acid reflux I ended up in my doctor’s office seeking a cure for my condition. From there I was referred to a gastroenterologist and one endoscopy later and a diagnosis of ‘Small hiatus hernia + Grade II reflux oesophagitis’ I was told I would need to be on proton pump inhibitors for disease control for the rest of my life and was prescribed an ongoing course of Lansoprazole.

This didn't sit well with me, I was concerned about taking medication every day for the rest of my life from such a young age, so I stopped the proton pump inhibitors and spent the next 12 years of my life chewing Quickeze (fast relief calcium carbonate / magnesium carbonate tablets) and taking baking soda multiple times a day to keep my symptoms under control. In the back of my mind I worried about the long-term health effects of these treatments as well. It was only after a chance meeting in 2018 where a friend of mine had been talking about an alkaline diet she has been following that it got me thinking, what if there was an all-natural plant based remedy for acid reflux that could help alkalise or neutralise acid in my stomach and bring the symptoms under control?

Armed with fond memories of my high school science classes, and some help from an old high school buddy now plying his trade in the food manufacturing business, we proceeded to carry our test after test on various combinations of plants to find the right mix of ingredients that offered alkalising properties while also being tasty. After much experimenting, it was finally done, and MrsGerdz All-Natural Acid Reflux Remedy was born!

If like I was, you are looking for a more natural plant based alternative to acid reflux control compared to proton pump inhibitors such as Omeprazole or Lansoprazole, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate or even baking soda, then MrsGerdz is that solution. Made from only 8 all-natural ingredients including Kale, Wheat Grass, Turmeric, Ginger, Marshmallow Root, Dates, Apples and Banana, just 2-3 of MrsGerdz acid soothing balls prior to sleep, after meals, before exercise or in other situations where your acid reflux symptoms are commonly triggered is typically all that is needed to keep your reflux under control. I hope MrsGerdz can change your life for the better as it has changed mine.

To good health!

Richard David.
MrsGerdz ~ All-Natural Acid Reflux Remedy